Gervonta Davis - Hector Luis Garcia live - Boxing

Date:08.01.2023, 02:00 GMT
Meeting place: Washington



Gervonta Davis
Hector Luis Garcia
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The match between Gervonta Davis and Hector Luis Garcia will take place on 08.01.2023 at 01:00. Washington will serve as the site of this exciting event. The match is part of Boxing. It will be broadcasted live on ESPN3 Norte, FOX Sports 1 Brasil, Arena Sport 2, RMC Sport 2, Cosmote Sport 9 HD, Polsat Sport, Arena Sport 1 Premium. Internet broadcast is available at RMC Sport en direct, Polsat Box Go, . If you’re aware of any broadcasts, please share in the comments below.
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Gervonta Davis - Hector Luis Garcia - Boxing - WATCH ONLINE

Country Channel
France RMC Sport en direct SEE DETAILSzobacz
Poland Polsat Box Go SEE DETAILSzobacz

Gervonta Davis - Hector Luis Garcia - Boxing - WATCH ON TV

Country Channel
Belize ESPN3 Norte SEE DETAILSzobacz
Brazil FOX Sports 1 Brasil SEE DETAILSzobacz
Costa Rica ESPN3 Norte SEE DETAILSzobacz
Croatia Arena Sport 2 SEE DETAILSzobacz
Dominican Republic ESPN3 Norte SEE DETAILSzobacz
El Salvador ESPN3 Norte SEE DETAILSzobacz
France RMC Sport 2 SEE DETAILSzobacz
Greece Cosmote Sport 9 HD SEE DETAILSzobacz
Guatemala ESPN3 Norte SEE DETAILSzobacz
Honduras ESPN3 Norte SEE DETAILSzobacz
Mexico ESPN3 Norte SEE DETAILSzobacz
Nicaragua ESPN3 Norte SEE DETAILSzobacz
Panama ESPN3 Norte SEE DETAILSzobacz
Poland Polsat Sport SEE DETAILSzobacz
Slovenia Arena Sport 1 Premium SEE DETAILSzobacz

Hector Luis Garcia - Gervonta Davis - Boxing - live

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