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Handball – rules of the game

Handball is a sport in which teams of 7 players compete (6 on the field and a goalkeeper). The goalkeeper can be substituted, and then 7 field players are on the court. Teams usually have around 14 players (maximum of 16) - the number of substitutions is unlimited, players can go on and off multiple times, but the entering player must enter in the substitution zone after the player they are replacing has left. A handball match consists of two halves of 30 minutes each (time can be stopped, so the match actually lasts longer), unless extra time is needed to determine the winner; the team with more goals wins. 

The ball cannot be kicked, held for more than 3 seconds, or take more than 3 steps without dribbling. Additionally, players cannot dribble the ball, catch it, and then dribble again - this is called double dribbling. Field players attacking cannot enter the goal area with the ball or touch the ball inside it. To make the games more exciting and dynamic, a rule of passive play was introduced in handball. This is a situation where one team passes the ball around for a longer period without looking for a shot opportunity (the rules specify a maximum of 6 passes), similar to stalling for time. In this situation, the referee signals passive play and the team has 3 seconds to take a shot, otherwise they lose possession and the referee awards a free throw against them. Penalties in handball are graduated - a yellow card is a warning, followed by a 2-minute suspension (the team plays with one player less), and finally a red card, which means a match penalty for the player, their disqualification. Additionally, a penalty throw can be awarded. 

The rules of handball were created in the 19th century in Scandinavia (the first written rules were published by a Dane) and Germany.

Handball – the most popular competitions (Champions League, World Championships, European Championships) 

Alongside the Olympics, the World Handball Championships are considered the most important event. The first such event was held in 1938 (handball was featured in the 1936 Olympics, played in an open stadium with 100,000 spectators at one match, but then disappeared from the calendar for 36 years). In the history of the World Championships, the French are the best with 6 titles, they have also won the Olympic gold the most times - three times. In recent tournaments, the Danes have dominated, winning 3 consecutive championships, a feat that had never been achieved before. The World Championships are currently held every two years. The European Handball Championships, on the other hand, are a relatively new tournament, as the first championship on the Old Continent was held in 1994. Sweden has won the European Championship five times, one less than the French. This event also takes place every two years. 

The most important club competitions are, of course, like in any team sport, the Champions League. It has been played under this name since 1993, previously known as the European Cup of National Champions. The most successful team in the history of the Champions League is FC Barcelona, which has already won 11 trophies.

Women's handball

The rules in men's handball and women's handball are practically the same. The only difference is the size and weight of the ball - in women's matches, the ball is slightly smaller and lighter. Both genders compete in similar ranking events. The most important event in women's handball is also considered, alongside the Olympics (where the Danes have won 3 times), the World Championships. The first one was held in 1957. The next in terms of prestige are the European Championships, dominated by Scandinavians, specifically Norwegians and Danes, almost from the beginning. In club handball, the top achievement is winning the Champions League, historically won by Spartak Kiev, the winner of 13 editions.

Handball live – follow the games

On our website you can find information on where to watch live handball broadcasts on TV and online channels from around the world, covering several different competitions and tournaments. 

Handball – results, table

Results of handball matches in the most important cup, international and league competitions can be found on our website. You can find results achieved by teams in specific competitions in recent times, as well as see the outcomes of previous matches between them.